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Seven (7) Characteristics Telecom Networks Have In Common

A telecommunication network is a network of arcs (telecommunications links) and nodes (switches, routers, etc.), set up in such a way that messages can be transmitted from one end of the network to the other through multiple links. The links of a telecommunications network can be made using hierarchical transmission systems. Telecom network is also a set of computer equipment and materials linked together by transmission channels and allowing the sharing of resources and the exchange of data under Collected.Reviews. A telecommunication network is managed using network management software.

Examples of telecommunications networks are:

  • Television network.
  • Computer network.
  • Mobile phone network.
  • Switched telephone network.
  • Integrated services digital network (ISDN).
  • FTTH network (optical fiber to the home).
  • The public land mobile telephone network.
  • The worldwide Telex network.
  • The ACARS aeronautical network.
  • The Antares network of the French civil security.
  • The Internet network.

Here are seven (7) Characteristics Telecommunications Networks Share in Common.

1.           The Control Software:

This is responsible for controlling the activities and functions of the network. The information that passes through various telecom networks needs software to support it.

2.           The Processors:

Telecommunication processors are needed to convert the signals into a usable format (that is, whether … Read More...