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Georgian Authorities Search To Block Azerbaijani Funding In Telecommunications Infrastructure

Modern Telecommunication,Telecommunication Company,Telecommunication Technology,Telecommunication Industry,Telecommunication NetworkTelecommunications refers back to the exchange of knowledge by digital and electrical means over a big distance. 5Generally speaking, objective and scope of telecommunications industry is to attach producers of contents (who originate data and communication) to ultimate customers (who receive them), trough the interplay of two principal intermediaries: operators of communication infrastructures; and providers of information companies over these infrastructures.

The GW 5 could also be a trunking gateway which gives an interface between the phone community and a Voice over IP community, a Voice over ATM gateway which interfaces to an ATM community, a residential gateway which gives a conventional analog interface to a Voice over IP community, an entry gateway which provides a standard analog or digital PBX (Non-public Department Change) interface to a Voice over IP network, a business gateway which provides a conventional digital PBX interface or an integrated mushy PBX” interface to a Voice over IP community, a network access server which may connect a modem to a telephone circuit and supply knowledge entry to the Web, or circuit switches or packet switches which might supply a control interface to an external management aspect.

In Telecommunications in Africa, ed. Eli Noam, 257-278. Competition from … Read More...